Selective Consignment

Fashion Conscious. Fashion Conscience.

Style 360 Style 360 Designers We Carry

By procuring only the finest quality, designer-label fashion, Style 360 Selective Consignment provides women of discerning tastes with an opportunity to experience premium quality and look fantastic while making the economically and ecologically responsible choice.

Ideal for professional women who are required to look their best, our stringent consignment criteria enables our clients to assemble a full wardrobe rotation that looks like it came from some of the best apparel boutiques in the world for the cost of what would come off the rack at a big-box.

500-1,000 New Pieces Every Week

Fashionable, sensible, and because it reuses resources and limits your footprint, it is also responsible. We wish it was our idea, but we’re pretty sure someone else came up with the notion that “what comes around, goes around”. Full circle: 360 degrees.

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