Selective Consignment

“I may never set foot in a mall again!” – Style 360 regular customer.

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For those of us who find our way back to common sense, it can feel a little like we won the lottery. Off of the factory-produced, mass-market, consumption treadmill, Style 360 provides an alternative that not only makes sense for people who appreciate quality, but also for people who care about our world.

Gucci, Prada, Armani, Chanel, these names are more inclined to conjure a word like extravagant than a word like sensible. But by reviving and reusing apparel from some of the highest quality labels in the world, we turn that around. Purchasing designer labels may feel like over-indulgence the first time, but it feels absolutely practical every time after that!

And when you consider the quality of what you are buying, and that it will likely still outlast anything you would buy new from a contemporary retail outlet – your purchase becomes an Earth-friendly action as well.

A closet full of the best the fashion industry has to offer, for less than you pay for typical mass-production fare — and it is the ecological choice as well. We call it being “fashion conscious with a fashion conscience.”