Less is More; shopping for a capsule closet.

Quality staple brands for the perfect capsule closet - Style 360 Online Store Manager Paige Taylor

Fashion Magazine, 2018.

The most effortless outfits include quality staple pieces that will last in our closets for years. More and more, we're seeing that a smaller staple closet is becoming the go-to for reasons of sustainability and a more minimalist lifestyle. Even if you’re not interested in a smaller wardrobe, every closet needs a little bit of balance, and by adding a capsule of robust basics you can easily build outfits with some of your more unique pieces. 

At Style 360, we see brands come-and-go annually. Trends always dictate the popularity and sellability of a brand. But there are some brands that we consistently see that come back better and stronger every year. For the most part, these are brands that focus on quality basics. 

Judith & Charles

Photo from the Judith & Charles website. Products in model shots not available at Style 360.

Judith & Charles is a Canadian company with all of their pieces manufactured right here in Canada. Their designs cater to the modern woman with complete functionality and quality in mind. From blazers to pleated midi skirts, we have a selection of Judith & Charles pieces perfect to add to any look for a more sophisticated ease.

Lafayette 148

Photo from Lafayette Resort 2023 look 3. Products in model shots not available at Style 360.

Lafayette 148 designs are inspired by New York City. Their pieces offer the perfect mix of luxury and comfort made with high quality materials. The brand also offers inclusive sizes ranging from XXS - 3X. Our selection includes dress shirts (the perfect staple piece in any closet) and dress pants in monochromatic tones that pair perfectly with just about any top. 

Citizens of Humanity

Photos from the Citizens & Humanity website. Products in model shots not available at Style 360.

No capsule closet is complete without at least one pair of staple jeans that will pair with just about everything. Citizens of Humanity uses high quality denim inspired by timeless, vintage silhouettes.

Eileen Fisher

Photo from the Eileen Fisher website. Products in model shots not available at Style 360.

Eileen Fisher started her company on the principles of easy-to-wear, timeless pieces. Eileen Fisher is another brand that offers inclusive sizing from XXS - 3X. Our selection of her clothing always add an easy comfort to an outfit, made with quality materials such as wool, silk, and linen.

Zadig et Voltaire

Photo from Zadig & Voltaire fall 2021 ready-to-wear. Only product in the model shot available at Style 360 is the t-shirt.

If you're looking for more unique basics, look no further than Zadig et Voltaire, a brand that takes a blazer and adds rhinestones in the pattern of a skull and flowers on the back. Pieces that are still easy to pair with just about everything, but also add something different.

Stuart Weitzman

Photo from the Teen Vogue. Products in model shots not available at Style 360.

Quality footwear that combines functionality and fashion, Stuart Weitzman is a consistent brand that we see every season. Known for their artisanal Spanish craftsmanship, the quality is unmatched meaning these are shoes that will last you several seasons in classic styles that won't go off trend.

Pieces you'll find in a simple capsule closet can include:

- Blazer

- Leather jacket

- Denim jacket

- Basic t-shirts and tank tops

- White button-up

- Jeans

- Dress pants

- Light Sweater

- Ankle Boots

- Flats

- Heels, etc.

Approximately 53 billion tons of clothing is manufactured annually. A capsule closet won't save the planet, but a less-is-more mentality could be a small start. If everyone focused on quality over quantity, and slow fashion over fast fashion, there could be a brighter future for the industry and our wardrobes. By adding better quality, simpler pieces to our closets, we keep more and throw away less. In the long run, it's easier on our wallets, and it's easier on the planet.

Dazed Magazine, 2019.

- Paige Taylor