How to Consign


Please note that our consignment process has changed with the coronavirus pandemic. Our process is subject to change, so please check here or call the store directly. 


1. Read the valuable information below about consigning with Style360

2. Call the store at 519-657-9119 to arrange a day to drop off your seasonal items.

3. Drop off your seasonal items to Style360 on the arranged day.

4. Wait for them to start selling and collect your money!

Style 360 takes in consignment seasonally. Generally, spring take-in begins in early February and ends mid March. Summer begins in late March and ends mid May. Fall begins in early August and ends mid September. Winter begins in late September and ends in mid November.

Style 360 specializes in designer and luxury goods, but we do sell trusted brands as well. We like to say, we start at GAP and go up to Chanel. A list of brands we don't take is at the bottom of this text. It is subject to change.

Style 360 sells current apparel and accessories that were bought new in the last two years. Specifically; apparel for most occasions, handbags, wallets and totes, fashion jewelry, as well as sterling silver and gold, footwear for most occasions. Yoga, athletic and golf wear (seasonal). Scarves, gloves and hats. All items should come in laundered or dry cleaned, shoes should be cleaned inside and out, showing no visible wear (leather sole is the exception, but no toe impressions or wear on the insole and heel).

Call Style360 directly to set up a day to drop off your consignment. 519-657-9119

Please bring in a maximum of 20 items per appointment. If you have more than 20 items to consign, speak to Style360 directly about what you have to bring in. Please neatly fold your items into a shopping bag, or box, something you can leave with the store that will not likely be returned. Add a slip of paper with your name and phone number to the bag/box. Please also indicate whether you would like unselected items returned or donated, or we can use the information on your existing account.

Once your consignment has sat for one to three days at the store, we will then select the items that will be processed for sale. If there are items not selected, they will either be returned to you with an email notification stating they are ready to pick up, or if you have indicated you want them donated to a local charity, we will take care of that for you. Processing your consignment items for the sales floor takes time. We inspect, steam the apparel, disinfect footwear and accessories, research, price, place and promote your goods. 

Once your items are processed for sale and they begin selling, you can track your sales and expiry dates at 

Once any unsold items reach their expiry date, typically at 90 days, if you want to retrieve them, we ask that you call the store directly to give us your notice that you would like them returned. We ask that you give two business days notice. We will pull them from the inventory, and store them for up to seven days. At that time, if they have not been retrieved, they may be donated to a local charity with out further notice. Expired items that have not been claimed at their expiry dates, may take further discounts, or be donated at any time with out notice.

Brands we do not accept for resale:

Anything from Walmart, Giant Tiger or Joe Fresh, or retailers that have closed their stores for more than two years. Reitmans, Forever21, H&M, Northern Reflections, Garage, Dynamite, Old Navy, Tabi, Ardene, Bluenotes, Cleo, Fairweather, Ricki's, Tanjay, Alfred Dunner, Alia, Jessica, Traditions. This list is a guideline and is subject to change/additions.