Shopping Trends Sustainably

Slow Fashion Trends for a better world - Style 360 Online Manager Paige Taylor

Amidst the return to a life that feels just a little bit more “normal” than the last few years, fashion is making what seems to be a lasting recovery. The reappearance of weddings, birthdays, galas, etc. is delivering more freedom-of-style than ever, with the top trends ranging anywhere from classic punk, to boho-chic, to Y2K. And yet, one of the most important trends this season? Sustainable fashion.

Photo from Fashion Revolution Week in Singapore, 2021.

The Met Gala 2022 showcased celebrities in vintage pieces, re-worn looks, or dresses and suits repurposed and upcycled from existing pieces or textiles. A large and growing TikTok trend focuses on recreating Pinterest or celebrity looks using clothing found at local thrift stores. With the fashion industry being the second largest polluter in the world just after the oil industry, it’s time for a drastic change in the way we shop for those that can afford to. 

From left to right: Billie Elish in upcycled Gucci, Quannah Chasinghorse in handmade Indigenous jewellery by Antelope Womens Designs, Michelle Yeoh in sustainable and socially conscious brand Prabal Gurung Camille Cabello in upcycled Prabal Gurung.

This change doesn’t have to mean the end of trends, or the end of following trends if that is something you love to do. Shopping second hand is the perfect approach to building outfits based on trends in a unique, true-to-you type of way. 

You can start with staple pieces surrounding a trend, for instance the classic punk look that incorporates white collared shirts, black tailored pants, lots of plaid and black leather accessories and shoes. 

Boho-chic consists of maxi skirts, floral prints, jean jackets, crochet and lace, and fringed accessories. 

The Y2K trend consists of low-rise jeans, ultra-mini and midi skirts, small handbags, strappy sandals, choker necklaces and tiny vintage sunglasses.

Sustainable fashion is a thriving part of the industry in 2022, more shoppable and accessible than ever. We’re seeing a rise in easier-to-navigate online second-hand shopping, more pop-up markets and stores opening, and more attainable awareness and education on the impact of fast fashion. It's never been easier to be so fashionable and still on trend at a smaller price and a smaller cost to the environment!

- Paige Taylor